Brand Spotlight: Chanel

Hi, and welcome to Brand Spotlight! In this monthly column, I’m going to choose a specific brand and give you all the details about it. I seem to find that fashion magazines rely solely on demonstrating the latest trends, but for someone new to fashion, it is very hard to determine which brand fits your style, budget and needs. I’ll be including both designer and high-street brands, catered to both male and female, and shoe and accessory brands. Let me know, of course, if there is any brand in particular you’d like me to cover.

I thought I would start this column, though, with the most iconic brand of them all: Chanel.

Brand History

Founded in 1909 by the iconic Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, this brand is a French luxury house focusing on couture, ready-to-wear and accessories. Coco Chanel revolutionized the world of fashion by epitomizing the classic look, and wanted her clothes to reflect the truly self-confident Chanel girl. The Chanel brand speaks for elegance, with suits, blouses and simple designs headlining the collections. Famous faces behind the Chanel brand include Nicole Kidman and Keira Knightley.

Creative Director

Currently, Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director of Chanel, a post that he has held since 1983.

Brand Aesthetic

Classic, elegant and refined. Under Karl Lagerfeld’s reign, the brand has looked to the past as an inspiration for its designs, which includes the use of leather, tweed and chains as primary materials. Ladylike suits and blouses, figure-flattering silhouettes and feminine pieces like pearls and roses dot most of Chanel’s designs. While some edgier pieces do exist in order to appeal to younger audiences, the idea of owning a Chanel piece is so that it is still in style years later. Continue reading