From The Core

By now, everybody probably knows my obsession with cardio workouts – from running to my absolute favorite spinning class called SoulCycle, I love the endorphin high you get after sweating it out. Obviously though, I know that it isn’t enough to get a complete workout – you obviously have to tone your muscles as well! I remember for the longest time, I had no interest in strengthening – I thought it would me look bulky and mannish and cause unnecessary weight gain. How wrong I was! While I realize now that women can’t build enough muscle to look bulky (we don’t have enough testosterone), what I love about this current class that I’m going to be talking about is that it focuses on “long and lean”…aka just amazing, toned muscles!

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Spinning’s Got Nothing on SoulCycle

While those of you who have heard of SoulCycle might shrug and call this another ‘cult-like’ post, some of you might be wondering what the hell this weird pseudo yoga name even is. And you’ll probably roll your eyes when you realize that it’s an exercise class. But it isn’t simply a workout, even though that is one of the reasons that I love it so much. It’s an experience.

Started in New York City by founders Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, SoulCycle was originally developed in a small West 72nd street studio in order for the two women to introduce a cardio workout that was not only physically stimulating, but intellectually and mentally fulfilling as well. And trust me, it is. Continue reading